Liberty County Churches

The below list is only a partial listing of Liberty County Churches. We will continue to add them as they are made known to us. If you know of a church not listed, please send us the name and location so that we may add it here.

Feature Name        Latitude Longitude 
------------------- -------- --------- ---------------
Calvary Church      300419N  0945426W  Dayton             
Concord Church      302501N  0944609W  Rye            
Crossroads Church   301715N  0950820W  Fostoria           
Eastgate Church     300230N  0950045W  Huffman            
Faith Tabernacle    301517N  0945812W  Tarkington Prairie    
First Baptist Church - Romayor*	       Romayor
Grace Church        301758N  0950503W  Cleveland          
Green Chapel        302605N  0944900W  Romayor            
Greenville Church   300740N  0945214W  Capers Ridge       
Hardin Church       300929N  0944520W  Capers Ridge       
Hi-Way Tabernacle   301844N  0945921W  Tarkington Prairie    
Little Flock        302354N  0945615W  Rayburn            
Mount Calvary       301449N  0944135W  Hardin             
Mount Calvary       301541N  0944047W  Arizona Creek      
Mount Olive Church  300309N  0945352W  Dayton             
New Salem Church    301910N  0950339W  Cleveland          
North Height        300422N  0944723W  Liberty            
North Hill Church   301127N  0943743W  Hardin             
Oak Shade Church    302157N  0945956W  Tarkington Prairie    
Olive Bethel        301054N  0944552W  Capers Ridge       
 Baptist Church
Pin Oak Church      301839N  0950728W  Cleveland          
Pleasant Hill       300004N  0944518W  Liberty            
Prairie Missionary  301738N  0945846W  Tarkington Prairie    
Rainbow Baptist Church*		       Rye
Rayburn Church      302324N  0945631W  Rayburn            
Rebekah Church      302325N  0944557W  Romayor            
Rural Shade Church  301734N  0945838W  Tarkington Prairie    
Sacred Heart        300422N  0944013W  Daisetta           
Saint Annes Church  300316N  0950046W  East Gate            
Saint Johns Church  300459N  0944607W  Liberty            
Saint Pauls Church  300350N  0944703W  Liberty            
Saint Thomas        295804N  0944432W  Shiloh             
Shiloh Church       295656N  0944143W  Shiloh             
South Dayton        295948N  0945151W  Moss Bluff         
Turkey Creek        300105N  0944634W  Liberty            
Winfree Church      295321N  0944847W  Moss Bluff         

The above list was downloaded from the GNIS On-line Data Base, with the exception of any additions we have made (additions noted with an asterik). If you know of any additions, please send them to us with as much detail as you can (like directions, etc). You can use the GNIS Online Data Base to generate your own list. (Use "Back" button on your Web Browser to return to the LIBERTY COUNTY, TXGenWeb page.)

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